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CNC Turret Punch Press
Description of CNC turret punch press:
CNC turret punch press is of high efficiency, convenient operation, good function, suitable for electric power, automotive, decoration, processing industries.
By CNC control technology, the machine makes workpiece to be positioned accurately and quickly; The machine will choose the tools in the turret automatically to punch holes in different size, shape and distance. It can also punch big round holes, square holes and oval holes by stepping method.

Standard tool magazine of CNC turret punch press:

Hole size
Tool Station Number
16 18 24 32
A 3~12.7 4 8 12 16
B 12.7~31.7 8 8 8 12
C 31.7~50.8 4 2(1) 2 2
D 50.8~88.9 0 0(1) 2

Main technical data of CNC turret punch press:
Item SZC-0255 SZC-0305
Punching force 250kN 300kN
Max. punching thickness ≤6mm
Working area 2500 x 1250mm (can be specially ordered)
Max. workpiece weight 210kg
Punching speed 230HPM 300HPM
Worktable moving speed ≤60m/min
Punching precision +/-0.1mm
Air flow 0.1m3/min
Pneumatic pressure 0.5MPa
Die stations 16 18 24 32
Machine weight 13T 15T
Note: Other sizes and special requirements can be satisfied.
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