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CNC Turret Punch Press Tool Grinding Machine

Description of CNC turret punch press tool grinding machine:
This machine is specially designed and produced for grinding punching tools used in CNC turret punch press. Max. grinding diameter is 
150mm and the rotating worktable is inclinable to be 0-15 degree which is for grinding rooftop tools.
New improved AUTOMATIC TOOL SETTING function makes tool grinding much simpler! Similar to Japanese tool clamping method!
The dual-alleyway water cooling system and high-grade grinding wheel prevent tools from burning and so raise the life of tools.
Both top and bottom tools can be grinded by this special machine. 

Comparation to traditional surface grinding machine:
-- Convenient and fast fixing tools: since the top punching tools are long and they are not easy to be fixed onto normal surface grinding machine
-- Small occupying area: can be closed to the turret punching machine. If you don’t have spare tools, this is most important.
-- High grinding precision: Axis of grinding wheel is designed to be in the same level as that of the working surface.
-- Simple & convenient operation: Grinding measure can be preset and automatically PLC controlled
-- Special boron carbide grinding wheel, long life and more smooth & clean grinding results (same to Japanese one)

Main features of new updated CNC turret punch press tool grinding machine:
-- Automatic tool setting: when grinding wheel goes down and close to workpiece (tool), it can sense the workpiece. As soon as grinding wheel touch workpiece, cooling system starts, NC controller reset and calculate grinding stroke from this point and thus assure grinding accuracy. During grinding, grinding wheel keeps contacting with workpiece and keeps constant pressure!
-- Full welded frame: assuring stability of machine body
-- Double linear guides: assuring stability of motor up & down
-- Fine milled working surface: assuring verticality and concentricity
-- Precious screw rod: assuring high precision grinding feed rate
-- Inner cooling system: direct inner cooling, reduce annealing
-- Mitsubishi PLC control: safe & reliable
-- Servo motor drive: stable and reliable
-- Stainless steel cover: better looking, no rust
-- Touch screen operation: simple and convenient
-- Rough grinding precision: 0.005mm; Fine grinding precision 0.001mm! 

Main technical data of CNC turret punch press tool grinding machine:

No. Item Parameter
1 Grinding precision ±0.05mm
2 Grinding wheel boron carbide
3 Max. tool diameter 150mm
4 Max. tool height 250mm
5 Min. grinding measure setting 0.001mm
6 Max. feeding speed 900mm/min
7 Min. feeding speed 0.015mm/s
8 PLC Mitsubishi from Japan
9 Motor for main spindle 2.2kW, 3600rpm
10 Motor for rotary worktable 0.375kW, 1800rpm
11 Motor for cooling water 0.125kW, 1800rpm
12 Electric power source AC 380/400V, 50Hz/60Hz
13 Dimension 600 x 700 x 1650mm
14 Weight 600kg

HMI of CNC turret punch press tool grinding machine:

Special tool clamps of CNC turret punch press tool grinding machine:

Typical tools can be grinded by CNC turret punch press tool grinding machine:

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