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Water Jet Cutting Machine

Description of water jet cutting machine:
Water jet cutting machine adopt super high pressure water stream mixed with rigid media to cut any kind of materials, epecially suitable for those who can't be cut by flame or plasma cutting method.
There are gantry type water jet cutting machine and cantilever type water jet cutting machine for different purpose.

Main features of water jet cutting machine:
-- Free of heat-affected zone (HAZ) or heat distortion.
-- Easy control, high accuracy and excellent edge finishing without frayed edges or burrs.
-- Small kerf size (usually less than 
1.2mm), low waste.
-- Cuts almost all kind of materials, even sandwich panels.
-- No heat generated. Can cut plastic and rubber without giving out poisonous gases.

Technical data of water jet cutting machine:
-- Dimension of cutting table: based on requirements
-- Water jet pressure: 300MPa (44,000PSI) or 380MPa (560MPa)
-- Main driving motor: AC servo motor, 22kW, 380V, 50Hz
-- Control system: special designed based on Windows
-- Re-positioning accuracy: +/
-- Processing accuracy: +/-0.1mm
-- Processing speed: based on the material and its thickness Product display
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