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Cylinder inner wall shot blasting machine

This machine is complete with dedusting system for cleaning inner wall of steel cylinders.
Machine buildup of Cylinder inner wall shot blasting machine:
1) Shot blasting room
2) Cylinder inverting device
3) Blasting gun moving system
4) Cylinder rotating device
5) Automatic loading and unloading device
6) Impeller head
7) Dedusting system
8) PLC control system

Hook-type Shot Blasting Machine

Specifications of Cylinder inner wall shot blasting machine:
Item Data
Cylinder diameter range 219-406mm
Cylinder height Max. 2000mm
Max. cylinder weight 220kg
Working speed 20~24 pieces per hour
Sand size Φ0.8mm
Impeller nozzle 2
Sand storage 0.26m3/0.5t
Blasting flow 800-1200kg/h
Air pressure consumption 0.5-0.7MPa

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