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Tube End Forming Machine

Description of tube end forming machine:
Our company is specialized in tube processing machines. Tube end forming machine is special for expanding, reducing, tapering, bellmouth forming and positioning-ring forming, etc. End formed tubes are mainly used in air conditioner, heater, automotive industries.
There are single-station, three-station, four-station, five-station and six-station end forming machines. 

Typical tube end forming shapes:

Technical data of typical 3-station copper tube end forming machine:
Item Data
Suitable copper tube diameter Φ6-12mm
Suitable copper tube wall thickness 0.5-0.75mm
Suitable copper tube length Max. 1.5m (for bellmouth, 3.5-4m)
Coaxiality between formed end and tube center Less than 0.1mm
Non-roundness of expanded tube Less than 10% of tube diameter
Repositioning precision of automatic mould changing Less than 0.15mm
Duration of single action 3-5 seconds

Typical expanding / Reducing copper tube sizes:
Tube Diameter x Wall Thickness Formed Size
Φ12 x 0.6mm 90°bellmouth, Φ15.1mm
Φ6 x 0.5mm 90°bellmouth, Φ9.2mm
Φ12 x 0.75mm Φ12.7mm (0~-0.15mm)
Φ9.53 x 0.75mm Φ10mm(0~-0.15mm)
Φ8 x 0.75mm Φ9.53mm(0~-0.15mm)
Φ7 x 0.75mm Φ9.4mm(0~-0.15mm)
Φ10 x 0.75mm Φ9.53mm(0~-0.15mm)
Φ10 x 0.75mm Φ12.7mm(0~-0.15mm)

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