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Copper Tube Cutting Machine

Description of copper tube cutting machine:
This machine is specially designed for straightening coil copper tubes, detecting length and chipless cutting automatically.


Main features of copper tube cutting machine:
1) Servo feeding, stable and high repositioning precision
2) One time cutting four pieces, high efficiency
3) Adopting stretch-breaking cutting method, chipless and less mouth shrinking rate
4) PLC control, HMI operation, high automation-- auto feed, cut and unload, auto alarm.

Main technical data of opper tube cutting machine:
Suitable material
Coil copper tube
Copper tube diameter
Ф6.35 ~ Ф19.05mm
Copper tube wall thickness
Copper coil size
Outer diameter: 1000~1250mm
Inner diameter: 130mm
Copper coil weight
Max. 280kg
Cutting pieces
Dual-drive, one time
Cutting length
Min. 40 mm, no max. limit
When less than 100mm, no pre-stretching
One-time feeding stroke
1000 mm
Working efficiency
8 times per minute
Straightness tolerance
Repositioning precision
L≤1000 mm
 d0—original wall thickness
d1—finished wall thickness
f= (d1 - d0) / d0 %
L≥1000 mm
Mouth inner diameter shrinking rate
f < 20%
Length difference among four pieces
≤0.5mm (L=1000)
Surface condition after cut
No apparent scratch, draw marks; No burrs on mouth
Roundness of cut tubes
Non-roundness ≤3%
Electric power
380V, 50Hz, 3kW
With air switch
Air source

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