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Flexible Metal Hose Machine


Description of flexible metal hose forming machine:
Flexbile metal hose has two kind of seam locks, double and single. 

 Single Seam Lock                      Double Seam Lock

Main features of flexible metal hose forming machine:
-- Continuous production
-- Inverter driving, low electric consumption, low noise, easy operation and stable work
-- Finished flexible hose is in good tensile strength and yield strength
-- One worker can operate several machines at same time

Main technical data of flexible metal hose forming machine:

Item Data
Suitable material Stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum
Suitable flexible hose diameter Max. 50mm (can be specially ordered)
Suitable raw material width 8.25-9.5mm
Suitable material thickness 0.17-0.25mm
Production speed 2m/min
Driving motor power 2.2kW x 2, 3phase
Dimension About 950 x 850 x 1400mm
Weight About 800kg

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