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Copper Tube Collaring Machine


Description of copper tube collaring machine:
This machine is specially designed for punching colloar holes on copper tubes used in air conditioners, HVAC system, and refrigerators, etc.

Main features of copper tube collaring machine:
1) Servo feeing, hydraulic punching
2) NC control, convenient operation
3) Good punching and drawing result, high efficiency

Main technical data of copper tube collaring machine:
No. Item Data
1 Max. copper pipe diameter Φ50mm
2 Min. copper pipe diameter Φ9.52mm
3 Copper pipe wall thickness 0.6~1.5mm
4 Max. workpiece length 1600mm
5 Min. hole diameter Φ5.0mm
6 Hole inner diameter precision ±0.05mm
7 Min. space between two holes 16mm
8 Hole drawing height When less than Φ12.mm: 1.5mm;
When more thanΦ16mm: 2mm
9 Verticality between drawing and pipe ≤0.1mm
10 Feeding speed 600mm/S
11 Rotating speed 360°/S
12 Feeding axis position precision ±0.10mm
13 Rotating axis position precision ±0.10°
14 Max. clamping force 800KG
15 Max. punching force 2000KG
16 Clamping method hydraulic
17 Working efficiency 3~5 seconds per hole
18 Power of hydraulic station motor 2.2KW
19 Total power 3.5KW

Clear photo of copper tube collaring machine working:

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