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H Gilled Boiler Fin Tube Welding Machine

Description of H gilled fin tube welding machine:
This welding machine is special designed for producing H-gilled fin tubes, both single-tube and double-tube, used in boilers.
This welding machine is comprised of pushing trolley, pneumatic system, welding head and supporting racks.
This welding machine is PLC control, semi-automatic, manually load steel pipes and unload fin tubes, manually load fins to fin-hopper, hopper automatically feed fins to welding head.
The fin welding pitch and length can be pre-set in PLC. And the welding pitch can be varied on the same fin tube.

Capacity of H gilled boiler fin tube welding machine:
Item Data
Suitable H gilled fin tube length 1-15m
Suitable H gilled fin thickness 2~3mm
Suitable base steel pipe diameter 19~51mm
Suitable material Base tube Carbon steel Carbon steel Stainless steel
Fin Carbon steel Low-carbon Steel alloy Stainless steel

Main technical data of H gilled boiler fin tube welding machine:
Item Data
Welding power source Intermediate-frequency inverter, 160kVA x 3
Welding transformer cooling method Compulsive water cooling
Silicon rectifying diode ABB from Swiss, 12 pieces
Active welding electrodes Material Be-Co-Cu
Electrodes pressure 2500N
Pneumatic cylinder for pressing & positioning Airtec from Taiwan
Welding section equipped with annealing function Annealing technological period is adjustable
Welding speed < 4s @38.1mm base tube & 3mm fin
Welding strength >50MPa or base tube itself lanciated
Width of welding seam More than fin thickness
Welded fin full length tolerance +/-1mm
Welded fin section length tolerance +/-0.5mm
Fin pitch tolerance +/-0.1mm
Verticality between fin and base tube +/- 1 degree
Height difference between fins in one pair +/-0.2mm
Center distance between two tubes +/-0.2mm (for twin-tube)

Clear photo of H gilled boil square fin tube: Product display
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