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Heat Exchanger Extruded Fin Tube Machine

 Description of extruded fin tube machine (tube finning machine):
Tube finning machine is also called finned tube rolling machine, extruded fin tube machine, tube finning machine, bi-metallic fin tube machine, high fin tube machine or low fin tube machine, etc., for rolling single or dual-metal finned tubes used in heat exchangers and heaters.

Main features of extruded fin tube machine (tube finning machine):
1) Tool holder and tool holder body adopt the advanced dual-circular key structure to withstand torque, displacement of accurate and reliable.
2) Tool holder adopt split type design, it is very easy to blade debugging, washable and install of the blade.
3) Spindle bearing can be moved using conical hydrodynamic sliding bearings, bearing to maximize the utilization.
4) Universal joints and shaft key link between all lines of Hot Pepper. Cooling box separate from rolling mill machine.
5) Closely with technical data, rolling fin efficient, durable blades. 

Photo of monometallic / bimetallic fin tubes (low fin tube / high fin tube):

Main technical data of extruded fin tube machine (tube finning machine):
Item Data
Suitable diameter of base tube ɸ7~ ɸ11 mm / ɸ12~ ɸ32 mm / ɸ15 ~ɸ45
Outer diameter of finned tube ɸ25mm / ɸ64mm / ɸ77mm
Suitable base tube materials Aluminum, steel, copper
Suitable fin materials Aluminum, copper
Fin thickness 0.3~0.45mm
Fin height ≤7mm / 16mm / 16mm
Spiral pitch 1.8 mm; 2.0 mm; 2.1 mm; 2.3 mm; 2.5 mm; 2.8 mm; 3.0 mm; 3.2 mm ~ 8.0 mm
Finned tube length 0-15m
Output spindle rotating speed 80rpm, 100rpm,120rpm (by changing pulley)
Fin rolling speed 0.6m/min / 0.75m/min / 0.9m/min
Main driving motor power 11kW
Machine weight About 1920kg
Overall dimension About 2050 x 760 x 1430mm

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