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Radiator Fin Rolling Machine


Description of radiator fin rolling machine:
This machine is special designed for forming aluminum foil coil into corrugated radiator fin continuously.
This machine has many functions such as decoiling, tensioning, feeding, automatic spraying lubricant, fin rolling, fin fixing, automatic cutting, non-material detecting, blade-blocking auto detecting, over-load automatic stopping, etc.
It is PLC control, inverter speed adjustable, servo feeding, touch screen operation, simple and convenient.

The machine adopts tooling quick changeable design for rolling different fins. 

Typical aluminum fin rolled by radiator fin rolling machine:

Main technical data of radiator fin rolling machie: 
Item Data
Blank material Aluminum alloy foil AA4343/AA3003/AA4343
Foil thickness 0.04~0.30mm
Foil reel ID Φ190~210mm
Foil reel OD Φ1200mm
Finished fin Fin height 2.0~22mm
Height tolerance +0.03mm, - 0.01mm
Fin height levelness Less than 0.05mm
Fin width 8~200mm
Fin pitch 1.6~6.0mm
Fin pitch tolerance +/-0.10mm
Machine capability Foil feeding speed 0-100m/min*
Fin rolling speed 1000-4000 corrugations per minute
Fin cutting speed Max. 60 times per minute
Cutting tolerance +/- 0 corrugation (on top of corrugation)
Tooling material Forged high speed steel (W6)
Life 120~150 million corrugations
Total motor power 4.5~7.5kW
Compressed air source 0.6MPa
Machine dimension About 5000 x 1100 x 1800mm
Machine weight About 3000kg

Note: This radiator fin rolling machine is in normal speed. We have high speed machine in 180m/min and super high speed machine in 280m/min.
Main configuration of radiator fin rolling machine:
-- Circuit breakers and leakage protector: Schneider from China
-- Approaching switch: Omron from Japan
-- Servo motor and driver: Delta from Taiwan
-- Inverter: Delta from Taiwan
-- PLC: Delta from Taiwan

Optional auto fin collector: 
An auto fin collector is optional. It can automatically collect fins in preset pieces.
Optional radiator fin rolling machine working with automatic tube/fin collocating device:

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