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Pin Fin Tube Welding Machine

Description of pin fin tube welding machine:
This machine is designed special for welding pins to base tubes to produce pin finned tubes used in boilers.
This machine is in high automation, can automatically feed pins (two heads), weld, rotate and feed base tube. Pin pitch and angle can be adjusted freely.
This machine adopts Siemens SINUMERIK802 control system, simple and easy operation.

Main technical data of pin fin tube welding machine:
Item Data
Suitable max. finned tube length 10M
Suitable base tube diameter Φ50~219mm
Suitable pin diameter Φ8~16mm
Suitable pin length 20~50mm
Min. space between pins (in 360°) L=25mm
Rotation precision 0.01°
Tube feeding precision 0.1mm
Electric supply 380V, 50HZ/60HZ
Welding power 100KVA x 2
Welding electrodes stroke 200mm
Welding electrodes pressure 250kgf
Air source 0.4~0.6MPa
Compressed air consumption 0.5m3/min
Cooling water flux 120 L/min
Cooling water pressure 0.15~0.3MPa

Photo of pin finned tubes:

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