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Radiator Tank Clinching Machine

Description of radiator tank clinching machine:
This full automatic radiator tank clinching machine is our state-of-the-art design for clinching plastic tank with main plate of radiator.
This machine has two working stations which work simultaneously to clinch both sides together, thus increased production efficiency.
This machine processes high automation, suitable for most type of existing water tanks.

Main features of radiator tank clinching machine:
-- PLC control, HMI operation, servo driven, full automatic
-- Automatic leaving gap for tank mouth, idle stroke quick moving, suitable for various plastic tank clinching.
-- PLC control, technological parameters can be preset and displayed on HMI.
-- Total 159 units radiator tank parameters can be saved and recalled.
-- Both auto and manual control methods available. Auto method is for working, and manual method is for sampling & testing.

Main technical data of radiator tank clinching machine:

Item Data
Suitable max. core size 1000 x 850mm
Suitable max. header plate size 1000 x 100mm
Suitable max. height of radiator 120mm
Suitable teeth pitch Adjustable, default 10mm
Suitable max. teeth numbers 100
Clinch speed 1-20 times per minute
Total power 2.5kW, single phase, AC 50Hz
Air source 0.6MPa
Machine dimension About 1400 x 1200 x 1680mm
Machine weight About 1500kg

Main configuration of radiator tank clinching machine:
-- PLC & HMI: Delta from Taiwan
-- Step motor: China
-- Contactor and circuit breaker: Schneider from China
-- Approaching switch: Omron from Japan
-- Linear guide and ball screw: best brand from China
-- Pneumatic components: best brand from China

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