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Spiral Fin Tube Welding Machine

Description of high frequency spiral fin tube welding machine:
This high frequency spiral fin tube welding machine is specially designed for welding spiral steel strips onto steel tubes to form spiral finned tubes, which is widely used in both industrial heat exchanging and civil heating.

Main features of high frequency spiral fin tube welding machine:
--Double-inverter-link PLC control
--Full automatic production, loading, clamping, feeding, welding and unloading
--Panasonic DVP controller and Panasonic HMI
-- Rail on the machine is made by 40Cr, high quality and long life

Main technical data of high frequency spiral fin tube welding machine:

Item CPG-9I CPG-10
Max. fin tube length 8m / 12m / 16m 12m / 16m
Suitable base tube diameter Φ20mm-Φ159mm Φ20mm-Φ219mm
Fin spiral pitch 4-30mm 4-50mm
Fin material Carbon steel, steel alloy, stainless steel
Fin material thickness 0.8-3mm 0.8-3.5mm
Fin material width 10-30mm 10-40mm
Spiral fin material feeding speed 30m/min
Spiral pitch tolerance +/-0.1mm
Mandrel rotating speed 0-350rpm
Base tube terminal un-welded length Less than 20mm
HF power capacity 100kVA 200kVA 300kVA 400kVA
Suitable tube diameter <60mm <114mm <159mm <219mm

Photos of welding machine & finished spiral fin tubes:

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