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Auto Core Builder for Automotive Radiator & Condenser

 Description of auto core builder:
This machine is specially designed for automatically assembling core of automotive radiator cores, condenser cores, intercooler cores, etc.
This machine adopts manual pushing type microchannel flat tube dispenser, very simple and convenient.
Servo driving type microchannel flat tue dispenser is optional. 


Main features of auto core builder:
- Universal chassis adapting to various size cores
- X-axis motion is controlled by step motor 
- Automatic header plate assembly
- Auto clamping header pipes
- Auto flattening and releasing 
- For different pitch only change pitch control tooling 

Main technical data of auto core builder:

Item Data
Suitable flat tube length 350-800mm
Max. flat tube numbers 60
Suitable flat tube width 16~26mm
Suitable flat tube thickness 2mm
Flat tube pitch 10mm
Suitable fin height 8mm
Suitable fin width Same as width of flat tube
Distance between fin and header plate 10mm
Core building precision Length & height ± 1mm
Diagonal length ±1.5mm
Flat tube loading speed ≦2 pcs/s
Whole loading cycle duration About 120s
Flat tube storage capacity About 300pcs
Total motor power 4.5kW
Air source 0.8MPa

Main configuration
- PLC & HMI: Delta from Taiwan
- Step motor: Delta from Taiwan
- Contactor & circuit breaker: Schneider (Chinese joint venture)
- Approaching switch: Omron from Japan
- Hydraulic valve: JEOU GANG from Taiwan

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