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Condenser Header Pipe Punching Machine

Description of condenser header pipe punching machine:
Condenser header pipe machine is also called as header tube punching machine, header pipe making machine, header pipe piercing machine, specially designed for producing condenser header pipes to be used in PF condensers and evaporators.
Main power of this machine is hydraulic and pneumatic, assisted by spraying lubricate. It is four-guide structure, simple and convenient operation & maintenance. By changing different piercing dies quickly, different header pipes can be produced.


The hydraulic system adopts big-flow plug-in valves, high speed, stable running.
The machine is PLC control, digital displaying; manual loading, auto piercing and unloading.
Equipped with light curtain protection system, operation is very safe.

Main technical data of condenser header pipe machine:
Item Data
Machine code JLG-1 (/JLG-2)
Max. working force 65T (/100T)
Pipe quantity can be produced one time One (/Two)
Suitable material Aluminum or copper
Suitable pipe diameter and wall thickness Φ(20~50)mm x (1.0~1.5)mm
Suitable pipe effective length 200~650mm
Pierced slot width and tolerance 1.0~3 ± 0.03 mm
Pierced slot length and tolerance 16~36 ± 0.03mm
Center distance between slots and tolerance 5~12 ± 0.05mm
Production speed About 20 seconds per pipe
Die changing speed About 30 minutes
Hydraulic pressure 8~21MPa
Pneumatic pressure 0.5~0.8MPa
Hydraulic oil ISO VG32 for winter; ISO VG46 for Summer
Lubricant oil ISO VG22-32
Total motor power 11.5kW
Machine dimension 2250 x 2080 x 2480mm
Machine weight 4T / 6T

Photos of aluminum condenser header pipes:

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