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Multiport Tube Cutting Machine

Description of multiport tube cutting machine:
Multiport tube is also called as microchannel tube, multichannel tube. PF condenser in automotive and HVAC uses multiport aluminum flat tubes. This machine is specially designed for straightening, dimpling, cutting and breaking off automatically.

Main Features of multiport tube cutting machine:
- Servo feeding, stable and high repositioning precision
- Big-lead ball screw from THK Japan, feeding precision ≤±0.25mm
- One time cutting two pieces, high efficient
- With special stretch-breaking cutting function, less mouth shrinking rate
- PLC control, high automation – auto decoiling, auto feeding, auto cutting.

Main technical data of multiport tube cutting machine:
Item Data
Suitable blank material Micro multiport flat aluminum tube
Multiport tube width 16-50mm
Multiport tube thickness 1.2-3mm (1.0-3.0mm)
Aluminum coil size Outer diameter: 1100mm
Inner diameter: 450-500mm
Height: 300-330mm
Weight: max. 300kg
Cutting pieces 2
Cutting length Min. 100 mm, no max. limit
One-time feeding stroke 200-1000 mm
Cutting speed 60 times per minute (L=600)
Cut-to-length precision ≤ ±0.5mm
Straightening precision in width direction ±0.04 / 850mm
Straightening precision in thickness direction ±0.02 / 850mm
Duration for changing cutting blade ≤ 5min
Duration for changing tube width ≤ 15min
Total electric power About 10.5kW
Air source 0.5-0.7MPa
Total weight About 2800kg
Line occupation About 17000 x 2500 x 1700mm
Note: We have another optional configuration special for tube thickness less than 1.8mm which adopts servo motor plus precision belt feeding system.

Photo of multiport flat aluminum tubes:


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