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Radiator Condenser Core Wire Bundling Machine

I Description of radiator / condenser core wire bundling machine
This machine is specially designed for bundling radiator & condenser cores automatically.
This machine adopts servo motor feeding steel wire, mechanical clamp clamping wire and servo motor reversing wire to tighten.
The machine is PLC control, HMI operation. There is only manually loading blank cores onto movable table and unloading bundled cores from movable table. All other actions will be automatically finished. 

II Main technical data
No. Item Data
1 Applicable cores Parallel-flow cores
2 Applicable core size 900 x 600 x 80mm
3 Min. distance from wire to core edge 60mm
4 Bundling speed (average) 15 seconds per bundle
5 Power supply 380V, 3phase, 50Hz (or customized)
6 Total motor power 12kW
7 Air pressure 0.6~0.8MPa

III Main buildup
 Steel wire pay-off device, with magnetic brake for keeping tension
- Steel wire accumulating device, with a linear potentiometer for controlling magnetic brake
- Steel wire feeding & rewinding device, servo motor drive
- Steel wire straightening device
- Movable worktable, servo motor driving, auto positioning
- C shape wire transporting device, transporting steel wire to bundle core
- Steel wire positioning device (for positioning tying point)
- Tying device 
- Machine body 
- PLC control system

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