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Spiral Duct Machine (Fixed Die)

Description of spiral duct machine ZHTF-1500I (flexible dies):
This spiral duct machine is developed by ourselves with technology and working principle similar to Tormec Switzerland.

Main features of spiral duct machine ZHTF-1500I (flexible die):
-- Special die for various diameters, very easy to change and adjust, no need crane or too much manpower
-- Large diameter range from 85mm to 1500mm
-- High speed non-stop flying saw cutting system
-- PLC touch screen control, convenient operation
-- Light and small, suitable for site work
--Perfect swage, without leakage

Main technical data of spiral duct machine ZHTF-1500I (flexible die):
Item Data
Suitable spiral duct diameter range 85~1500mm
Spiral duct length No limited
Suitable material galvanized steel
Suitable material thickness 0.4-1.0mm (can be specially ordered)
Suitable material width 137mm
Material linear feeding speed 1-38m/min
Main driving motor power 5.5kW
Cutting motor power 2.2kW
Compressed air needed 0.8MPa
Control system PLC + HMI
Machine dimension 3500 x 2800 x 2580mm
Machine weight About 2500kg

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