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Flexible Duct Machine (with wire)
Description of flexible duct machine (with wire):
This machine is specially for producing aluminum flexible ducts with aluminum foil or metalized PET film with steel wire reinforced for ventilation purpose.
This machine can also produce other flexible ducts by using other materials, such PP, PE or fabric tapes.

Photos of flexible duct samples:

Main technical data of flexible duct machine (with wire):
Item Data
Aluminum flexible duct diameter range 80-600mm
Length of aluminum flexible duct 1-10m
Raw material Metalized PET film 0.012mm thick, 35-50mm wide
Pure aluminum foil 0.025~0.035mm thick, 35-50mm wide
Steel wire 0.8-1.4mm dia
Finished duct features Temperature resistant -30~+140℃
Max. air flux 30m/s
Max. working pressure 2500Pa
Pitch between corrugations 20mm
Main driving motor power 1.5kW
Glue heating temperature 40~120℃
Electric heating power 2.4kW
Film/foil feeding speed 1-35m/min
Machine dimension About 2200 x 820 x 1550mm
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