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Square Duct Machine Description of square duct machine:
We have different automatic air duct production lines for producing square / rectangular ventilation ducts. For example, auto duct line II, auto duct line III, auto duct line IV, auto duct line V and auto duct line VI and VII. Different lines have different configurations.

II Square duct machine - auto duct line III:
This consists of electric decoilers, leveling & grooving device, hydraulic notching & punching device, hydraulic shearer and hydraulic folder. The electrical control system uses a computer with a closed-loop servo-system to increase the precision and reliability of the line.

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Working flow of square duct machine - auto duct line III:

Buildup of square duct machine - auto duct line III:
  -- Two power metal feeding frames 
  -- One leveling & grooving roller machine 
  --  Four hydraulic notch and die 
  -- Hydraulic shearer and folding machine 
  -- Industrial PLC control and specific software

 Main technical data of square duct machine - auto duct line III: 
Item Data
Max. plate width for square ducts 1300mm
Suitable plate thickness 0.4-1.2mm
Tolerance in duct length +/-0.5mm
Tolerance in duct diagonal +/-0.8mm
Max. plate feeding speed 10m/min
Line working capacity 1000m2 square ducts per shift
Line dimension About 5600 x 2100 x 1500mm
Line weight About 4500kg

III Square duct machine - auto duct line V

This line consists of electric driven decoilers, leveling and grooving device, hydraulic notching and punching device, shearer, movable Pittsburgh lock machine, duplex trans-verse duct flange machine, TDF folder and PLC control system. The line is efficient with high performance, less space and wide capability.

 Working flow of square duct machine - auto duct line V:

Buildup of square duct machine - auto duct line V:
  -- Electric decoiler: two
  -- Leveling & grooving device: one set
  -- Hydraulic notching machine and dies: four
  -- Hydraulic shearer: one
  -- Duplex 
Pittsburgh lockformer: one
  -- Duplex TDF flange making machine: one
  -- Mechanical Feeding System and Hydraulic Folding system: one
  --Transmission table: 2
  -- Control System and software (English version): one set

I Square duct machine - auto duct line II:

Working flow of square duct machine - auto duct line II:

 Buildup of square duct machine - auto duct line II:
  --Two electric decoilers
  --One leveling & grooving device
-- Hydraulic notching device and dies, four
-- Hydraulic shearing machine
-- Industrial computer and special software


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