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Cage Clamp Making Machine

Description of cage clamp making machine:
This machine is our state-of-the-art design for automatically producing different kind of cage clamps, such as WAGO cage clamp type, PHOENIX cage clamp type, etc.
The machine combines leveling, punching, bending and forming together, much higher efficient than conventional press forming.
Bending slides can be designed to be 360° adjustable.

Typical cage clamps can be produced:

II Main advantages comparing with conventional press forming:
2.1 Saving material: conventional pressing machine needs wider strips for automatic production; This machine uses exact wide strip for production.
2.2 High efficiency: capability of one automatic machine is equal to that of seven pressing machines at least. And so energy consumption is also saved.
2.3 More stable processing quality because of continuous processing automatically.
2.4 Cheaper mould cost: one combined mould can replace several moulds on several pressing machines; Mould frames are also saved.
2.5 Automatic lubricating, less wearing, suitable for mass production.

III Main technical data of cage clamp making machine:

Item Data
Machine code ZHLJ-8
Suitable carbon steel wire gauge Φ0.1~1.0mm
Suitable steel strip width 15mm
Suitable steel strip thickness 0.04~0.5mm
Max. feeding length per stroke 150mm
Feeding precision +/-0.005mm
Punching force of punching head 1.5 ton
Total motor power 2.2kW
Production speed 250 pcs/min
Machine dimension About 1300 x 900 x 1800mm
Machine weight About 800kg
Linear guide ABBA from Taiwan
Servo motor and inverter TECO from Taiwan
Main bearings SKF from Japan

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