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Finger Protective Spiral Wire Exhaust Fan Grill Machine

I Description of finger protective spiral wire exhaust fan grill machine:

There are various industrial spiral wire fan grills in light duty frame wire structure and heavy-duty frame wire structure:

For light-duty frame wire fan grills, there need frame wire spot welding machine, outer ring welding machine.
For heavy-duty frame wire fan grills, there need 2D CNC wire bending machine.

Some other machines may be neede: ring bending machine, butt welding machine, edge trimming machine, terminal eye hook bending machine, etc.
The key machine is spiral wire looping & welding machine. It is developed by ourselves, combining spiral wire looping and welding together.
After manually putting guard framework onto the looping die (finished by frame wire spot welding machine & outer ring welding machine, or frame wires bent by 2D wire bending machine), this machine can automatically loop spiral wire first, and then automatically weld spiral wires with frameworks partitionedly.
The upper welding torch is servo drive, automatically move radially and weld one frame wire, then auto return back to origin for next frame wire welding.
The side welding torch(s) is pneumatic driven, controlled by PLC, also full automatic.
For different size industrial fan guards, you should change different looping die and change looping pitch settings on HMI (touch screen).

II Main technical data of finger protective spiral wire exhaust fan grill machine:

Item Data
Suitable industrial fan guard size Max. 36”
Suitable industrial fan guard shape Both flat & bowl shapes
Min. industrial fan guard size 12”
Suitable frame wire gauge No-limited
Suitable spiral wire gauge 1.8-3.5mm
Welding transformer capacity 100kW x 2
Welding torch driving motor power 2.6kW (servo)
Rotation driving motor power (for welding) 2.5kW (servo)
Looping driving motor power 1.2kW x 2(servo)
Pay-off stand driving motor power 2.2kW (inverter control)
Pay-off stand capacity Max. 220kg
Production speed 2-3 minutes per piece
Machine dimension 4m x 1.6m (workshop occupying)
Machine weight About 1100kg

III Other options of finger protective spiral wire exhaust fan grill machine:
- If we don't use side welding torches, flat fan grills can be produced:

- Real double-station exhaust fan grill machine can save one operator:

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