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Automatic wire bucket handle making machine

 Video of  wire bucket handle making machine (without gripper)

Video of wire bucket handle making machine (with gripper)

I Description of automatic wire bucket handle making machine:
There are two kind of wire bucket handles, one is normal without plastic gripper, one is with plastic gripper:
bucket handle with gripper
This kind of machine is hydraulic motor driven, servo motor wire feeding and so it is in high precision and low noise level. We can design the forming die according to your required shape and size. We can also provide the machine for end heading type.

II Main configuration of wire bucket handle making machines:
-PLC: Mitsubishi from Japan
-Electric component: Schneider from China joint venture
-Servo motor: XINJIE from China
-Hydraulic motor: S.Y. from Taiwan
Notes: All configurations can be customized.

III Main technical data of hydraulic wire bucket handle making machine (without gripper):

Item Data
Suitable wire diameter 1.5-6.0mm (normal steel wire or galvanized wire)
Feeding length adjusted by yourself
Driving motor power hydraulic motor, 7.0kW
Servo feeding motor power 1.5kW
Production speed Around 20-24pcs/min
Machine dimension 2040 x 1150 x 1800mm
Machine weight 1000kg
Power supply 380V, 3Phase, 50Hz or as required
Note: Dimension of the machine with gripper: 2040 x 1400 x 2800mm. Product display
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