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Automatic Tin Can Welding Machine

Description of automatic tin can welding machine:
This machine is used to make various of tin round cans, such as  paint can, oil cans, glue /adhesive cans, food cans, tuna fish cans, ink tank, craft cans, etc. 
This machine can automatically load blank material, feed and seam weld, high automation and high productivity.

Main technical data of automatic tin can welding machine:

No. Item Data
1 Suitable can material Tin plate T2-T3
2 Material thickness 0.15-0.4mm
3 Welding speed 18m/min
4 Production Max. 120 cans/min
5 Suitable tin can diameter 120-180mm
6 Suitable tin can height Max. 250mm
7 Lap width 0.6-0.9mm
8 Diameter of copper wire 1.5mm, T2
9 Dimension (L x W x H) 2100 x 1900 x 1900mm
10 Cooling water ≥0.3MPa, 10L/min
We can provide complete machines or production line for tin can production, such as roller bending machine, roundness rectifying machine, edge flanging machine, cap/bottom covering machine, etc. Product display
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