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3D Panel Machine

Description of 3D panel:
3D panel is also called as "three-dimensional lightweight structural panel", usually adopts 
50mm thick uninflammable polystyrene panel as core, one side or both sides covered with steel wire welded mesh. There are steel wire truss pierced completely through the polystyrene core and welded to the wire mesh outside.
3D panel is as semi pre-fab product. After delivered to the site and installed, cement mortar will be applied to the panel one side or both sides. Thus a light wall panel is formed.
3D panel is a new-style wall panel material with many perfect performances, such as light, easy & quick installed, energy saving, thermal insulation, sound insulation, uninflammable, damp-proof, etc.

Main features of 3D panel structure building:
-Fast high quality construction time saved: 50% faster than standard construction speed; Due to convenient installation, the terms are 10 times decreased! 
-Enhanced resale and marketability value 
-Reduces the need for heavy equipment on worksite. 
-Strength durability, greater structural integrity 
-Excellent earthquake resistance performance 
-Uninflammable structure, saves 18% to 30% fire insurance 
-Excellent Hurricane protection-up to 225mph wind load 
-Anticorrosion, damp-proof, termite resistance, fungi resistance.
Buildup of 3D panel machine:
1) Plain mesh welding machine
2) 3D panel welding & forming 
3) Steel wire winding machine
4) Wire staightening and cutting machine
5) Air compressor and storage tank
6) Hand spot welder for repairing

Main technical data of automatic plain mesh welding machine:
This machine is PLC control, mesh size can be adjusted freely. Mesh length can be pre-set and the machine can automatically cut to length. Both longitudinal wires and transversal wire are fed automatically from wire reels.

No. Item Data
1 Electric power supply AC380V  50Hz
2 Welding transformer capacity ≤60KVA
3 Suitable wire diameter Φ2mm-Φ3mm
4 Welding mesh hole size 50x50mm, 50x100mm, 100x100mm
5 Welding mesh dimension 1200x3000mm (can be specially ordered)
6 Production speed 1.5-2m/min
7 Machine overall dimension 8000 x1500 x1100mm
8 Machine weight 3000KG

Main technical data of 3D panel welding machine (truss wire inserting & welding machine):
This machine is PLC control, touch screen operation, driven by pneumatic and step motor. It can produce 3-D panel full automatically. Whenever panel size changes, truss wire inserting devices will also adjusted automatically.

No. Item Data
1 Electric power supply AC380V  50Hz
2 Welding transformer capacity 60KVA
3 Suitable wire diameter Φ2mm-Φ3mm
4 3D panel dimension 3000mm × 1200mm (L x W)
5 EPS foam thickness 50mm~120mm
6 Production speed 450m2~500m2/8 hours
7 Machine overall dimension 8000mm × 1900mm × 2100mm
8 Machine weight About 4000kg

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