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Cage Welding Machine

Description of drainage concrete pipe cage welding machine:
This drainage concrete pipe cage welding amchine, often referred to as roll welding machine, is specially designed for producing reinforcement cage framework used in concrete drainage pipes.

Features of drainage concrete pipe cage welding machine:
1) The cage diameter is varied online automatically, controlled by PLC
2) The welded cage framework can be for flat joint, tongued and grooved joint, bell & spigot joint concrete pipes.
3) In full stroke, the diameter can be varied automatically and shifted very quickly.
4) Special designed synchronizer to ensure no twist on the formed cage framework.
5) Auto alarm for faults and misoperation
6) Imported PLC, inverter, encoder and touch screen.

Technical data of drainage concrete pipe cage welding machine:
Item Data
Max. cage length 2500mm (can be specially ordered)
Cage diameter range 300-1200mm / 800-2400mm / 2000-3000mm
Longitudinal rebar diameter 5-8mm
Spiral rebar diameter 3.5-6mm
Number of longitudinal rebar Max. 24 pcs
Spiral pitch 20~150mm
Inclining degree of the faucet 10~25 degree
Rotating speed 0~10 rpm
Welding transformer power
100kVA / 200kVA / 200kVA

Description of tubular pile cage welding machine:
This machine is for automatically weld straight tubular pile cage frameworks.It adopts DC power for saving electric consumption and prolongs life of welding electrodes.

Main features of tubulr pile cage welding machine:
1) DC power, less electric consumption, longer welding electrodes life
2) PLC, inverter and HMI are imported, good quality
3) Densely-wind length on both ends of the cage and hoop reinforcement interval can be preset on HMI
4) Pulling speed is synchronized to the rotating speed of main machine

Technical data of DC tubular pile cage welding machine: 
Item Data
Cage diameter range 300-600mm / 600-1200mm
Cage length Upon to order
Longitudinal rebar diameter range 7-13mm
Spiral rebar diameter Less than 5mm
Spiral pitch 50~120mm
Main machine rotating speed 0-30rpm
Strength loss at welding spot Less than 5%
Tensile strength at welding spot More than 200kg
Welding transformer capacity 300kVA
Welding method Resistance welding

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