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Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine

Description of reinforcing mesh welding machine:
Reinforcing mesh welding machine is mainly for welding ribbed bars into steel meshs used in reinforcement concrete. This machine is PLC control, automatically feeding woof bars and automatically pulling, high automation and high productivity.
Components of reinforcing mesh welding machine:
1) Loading racks for longitudinal bars
2) Main welding machine, imported controllable silicon module control
3) Woof bar auto feeding device
4) Mesh pulling device
5) Mesh unloading rack

Main technical data of reinforcing mesh welding machine:

Item Data
Max. width of mesh 2600mm (or as per order)
Diameter of steel bar 5-12mm
Gap between longitudinal bars >50mm, adjustable
Gap between woof bars >40mm, adjustable
Welding speed 40 times /min
Welding spots 32
Capacity of welding transformer 1000kVA
PLC & servo motor Famous brand in the world
Dimension of main welding machine 3500 x 1500 x 1800mm
Total machine weight About 10 tons
Welding machine occupying area 8 x 16m
Note: Special requirements can be satisfied. Product display
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