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Truss Girder Welding Machine

Description of 3D truss girder:
3D truss girder is up-to-date rebar design used in modern building construction. 3D truss girder will be assembled with roll formed steel deck to be as combined template for site pouring. This kind of construction method reduces too much site rebar binding works, raises working efficiency and shortened construction period. Stress mode of truss girder is reasonable and so provides larger steel deck rigidity, usually no need temporary support. 

Description of 3D truss girder welding machine:
3D truss girder welding machine is a full automatic production line for produced 3D truss girder by three pieces ribbed and two pieces round rebar in reels.
3D truss girder welding machine is comprised of reel rebar pay-off, rebar straightening, truss rebar bending, welding, cutting and stacking sections.
The whole production line is operated by only one operator. Production speed can reach 18m/min.

Main technical data of 3D truss girder welding machine:

Item Unit Data
Pay-off capacity kg 1500
Pay-off quantity pcs 5
Straightening speed m/min 30
Rebar feeding motor power kW 3.7X5
Straightening motor power kW 7.5X3
Truss rebar forming motor power kW 7.5
Welding transformer power KVA 125X2
Hydraulic station motor power (for cutting) kW 15KW
Hydraulic pressure MPa 25
Rebar bending motor power kW 7.5
Stacking chain moving motor power kW 3
Stacking rack elevating motor power kW 3
Truss rebar bending pitch mm 200
Truss girder height mm 70-300
Truss girder width mm 60-90
Longitudinal rebar diameter mm 5-12
Truss rebar diameter mm 4-7
Truss girder length m 2.4~12
Production speed m/min 0~18
Pneumatic pressure MPa 0.6
Air consumption m3/min 1.8

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