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Height adjustable welding positioner
Two models of welding positioner

Clamping type of welding positioner

Dished end type welding positioner

This height adjustable welding positioner is mainly used to place the workpiece in the best position for welding and assembling with the worktable elevating, rotation, tilting, which can be used for various automatic or manual welding, butt welding or face welding of pipe, as well as welding of shafts, discs, barrel, etc, with advantages of compact volume, good appearance, light weight and easy operation.The height adjustable welding positioner can be supplied for interfacing with robot or welding manipulators, to realize the welding automation.



Main technical data of height adjustable welding positioner

Height of main spindle rotating 2000mm
Speed of main spindle rotating 0.1-0.6 r/min
Driving motor power 1.5kW
Speed adjusting stepless frequency control
Rail gauge 1500mm

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