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Wheel Rim Making Machine

Description of wheel rim making machine:
To produce steel wheel rims for automotives, there need many different kind of machines. We can provide the complete production line for steel wheel rims.

I Wheel rim round bending machine:

This machine is for bending steel plate into round shape as blank material for wheel rim. By adjusting bending rollers, different diameters can be achieved.

Main technical data of wheel rim roud bending machine:
Item Data
Suitable rim wall thickness 2-6mm
Suitable rim width 4-8”
Suitable rim diameter 12-18”
Suitable steel material carbon steel
Spindle speed 55 rpm
Main driving motor power 7.5kW
Spindle driving method universal joint
Finished product ejecting pneumatic
Material of rollers 45# steel, hardened & tempered

II Wheel rim flash butt welding machine:

This flash butt welding machine is for butt welding round part from above first step. It adopts flashing to heat workpiece and upsetting to finish welding.
Flash butt welding machine is hydraulic driven, stable and reliable.

Main technical data of wheel rim flash butt welding machine: 

Item Data
Rated transformer capacity 800kVA
Rated primary voltage 380V
Suitable wheel rim section area 400-4500mm2
Suitable rim max. width 500mm
Suitable rim min. width 100mm
Welding speed 0.8-30mm/min
Max. clamping force 600KN
Max. upsetting force 300KN
Jaw max. adjustment 80mm
Adjustable voltage range 7.6-14.6V
Hydraulic working pressure 5-15MPa
Hydraulic pump motor power 22kW
Cooling water pressure 0.2MPa
Cooling water flow ≥3000L/N
Duty cycle 60%
Machine dimension 2800x2000x2500mm
Machine weight 15T

III Wheel rim trimming machine

This wheel rim trimming machine is comprised of several units: scraping & planning machine, roll flattening machine and end cutting machine. It is manually loading and unloading on every machine.

Main technical data of wheel rim trimming machine:

Item Data
PLC Omron from Japan
Touch screen Delta from Taiwan
Buttons Schneider
Electric control cabinet assembling electric box
Sensor imported from Japan
Lubricating pump BIJUR dry oil pump from USA
Hydraulic station motor power 45kW

IV Wheel rim rolling machine

Wheel rim rolling machine is for final rolling and forming wheel rims. By changing moulds, different shaped wheel rims can be produced.
This machine is hydraulic driven, stable and reliable.

Main technical data of wheel rim rolling machine:

Item Data
Suitable wheel rim diameter 12 ~ 18’
Suitable wheel rim width 4~8’
Main shafts diameter φ135mm
Main shafts length 350mm
Main forming roller quantity 2
Guiding roller quantity 2
Side guiding shaft diameter φ90 mm
Side guiding stroke 200mm
Main shaft speed 50~450 rpm
Max. distance between upper & lower main shafts 362mm
Min. distance between upper & lower main shafts 262mm
Main shafts adjustable tilt angle 0 ~ 1.5°
Lower main shaft axial adjustable distance ± 2 mm
Lower main shaft raising force 10000kgf
Main shafts torque 3850N·m
Hydraulic pump motor power 68kW
Lubricating method Compulsive central lubricating
Machine dimension 2000 x 1600 x 1800mm

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