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Self-healing shunt power capacitor making machine

Power Capacitor Production Line
I Description of the production line

This production line is designed for manufacturing self-healing shunt power capacitors from 2.5kVAr to 50kVAr.

Processing flow:
Core winding → metal spraying on double side → core drying → withstand voltage testing → capacitance testing → loading assembly into shell → vacuum oil filling (or resin filling) → sealing & packing

II Machine list

No. Machine Name Function
1 Capacitor core winding machine Winding film capacitor cores
2 Metal spraying machine Spraying electrodes to capacitor cores
3 Electric drying oven Drying sprayed cores
4 Withstand voltage tester Testing withstand voltage
5 Capacitance tester Measuring capacitance
6 Vacuum oil filling machine Filling oil under vacuum condition
7 Shell cover sealing machine Sealing the cover to shell

III Details of machines
3.1 Capacitor core winding machine

This capacitor core winding machine is special for winding metallized film capacitor cores.

Main features of the machine
-- Compact structure
-- Constant tension can be preset, both digital & analogue display;
-- Winding process is slow-quick-slow-stop, full automatic after setting
-- High winding speed, accurate winding turns, small capacity error; Winding speed can be set in sections.
-- Can be paused and memorized
-- Automatic flattening film

Main technical data

Item Data
Code ZH-120
Quantity of winding spindle 3
Width of film 21-110mm (PP, PET, metallized film)
Thickness of film 4-20μm (PP, PET, metallized film)
Winding speed 0-1400 rpm (adjustable)
Winding spindle equipped Hexagonal steel spindle
Applicable capacitor core diameter Max. Φ100mm
Capacity controlling method Digital displaying winding turns
Main driving motor power 0.32kW
Electric supply 220VAC, single phase, 50Hz
Weight of machine  About100kg
Video link https://youtu.be/bmy2Wd0B0As
3.2-ARC metal spraying machine
This machine is special for spraying metal electrode on metal film capacitors, and main spray materials is zinc aluminum, zinc wire, terne metal and so on.

Main technical data

Item Data
Code ZH-2
Compressed air pressure 208kg
Compressed air consumption 2.5m / min
Gun wire gravity > 7kg
Range of speed regulation Stepless
Wire diameter Φ1.5-Φ2mm
Weight of machine  About 100kg


3.3 Electric drying oven

This is a standard electric heating oven for drying objects. This kind of oven is equipped with four cycling fans for good temperature evenness.

Main technical data

Item Data
Inner effective size 1000 x 1300 x 1400mm(W x H x D)
Outline dimension 1700 x 2000 x 1700mm (W x H x D)
Motors for hot wind blowing fans 1.1kW x 4
Motor for exhausting 0.25kW x 1
Electric heating power 27kW
Heating method Electric heating tubes
Heating temperature ambient temperature~130°C
Temperature evenness ≤ ±2.5%°C
Control method PID control

3.4-AC withstand voltage tester

This AC withstand voltage tester is special for testing AC capacitor electrode and the electrode voltage withstand capability.
It’s small size, high output voltage, high power, easy operation and safety features.

Main features:
1- Sinusoidal waveform, excluding harmonic component.
2-Testing volume and voltage range: the voltage is 0~1200V when volume is less that 0~30μF; the voltage is 0~800Vwhen volume is 50~100μF.     
3- Test time is 0~60S; also can be manual test mode.
4-Instrument maximum output current of 20A or so.
5- Consumed power is up to about 5KV.

Main technical data

Item Data
Code LC-1
Test capacity and voltage range 0 ~ 30μF/ 0-1200V;
50 ~ 100μF/0-800V
Test time 0-60s, it also can be manual test
Max. output current 20A
Max. consumed power 5kW
Dimension About 980 x 675 x 1100mm
Weight of machine About 100kg

3.5-Capacitance tester

This is used for testing capacitance of capacitors.
Main technical data

Machine code HF2618
Measurement data C/D , △%/D
Measuring voltage effective value 0.3 Vrms
Measurement frequency 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz
Accuracy ±0.1%
Display range C: 0.01 pF -- 99999μF
D:0.0001 -- 9.999
△%:-99.99% --  +99.99%
Measurement speed Measuring range fixed: 8times/second
Automatic: 5times/second
Display method Double windows display: C/D, △%/D
Other function Fourth speed sorting, power down protection and so on.
Printing method Continuous/single time

3.6- Vacuum Oil filling machine

This is specially designed for drying assembled capacitor core & shell under vacuum condition and filling insulation oil.

Main technical data

No. Item Data
1 Oil filling tank  
  Effective tank size Diameter 900mm x height 1000mm
  Tank wall thickness 8mm
  Max. vacuity -0.095MPa
  Tank cover opening Crane or hoist
  Accessories on tank cover Vacuometer, lighting lamp, viewing window, vacuuming valves
2 Oil storage tank  
  Effective tank size Diameter 900mm x height 1000mm
  Tank wall thickness 8mm
3 Cleaning tank For cleaning oil filling tank and recycling cleaning agent
  Tank size Diameter 900mm x height 1000mm
  Tank wall thickness 5mm
4 Vacuum system  
  Vacuum pump 2X-30
  Pump motor power 3kW
5 Control system Controlling heating & vacuuming

3.7 Shell cover sealing machine

This machine is special for sealing cover to capacitor shell after filling oil.

Main technical data

Item Data
Capable material thickness Carbon steel max. 0.8mm
Applicable shell diameter or diagonal size 100-510mm
Applicable max. Shell height 400mm
Sealing speed 5~8 shells per minute
Motor power 2.2kW
Dimension 1250 x 750 x 1800mm
Weight About 1300kg

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