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Vacuum kneader

Vacuum kneader
Vacuum Kneader for hot melt adhesive sealant, silicone rubber, CMC, battery, ink, dye, pharmacy, resin, plastics and cosmetic
Vacuum Kneader is a kind of ideal high-performance equipment for mixing and kneading high viscosity and super high viscosity materials. Kneader is widely used in such industries as high viscosity sealant, silicone rubber, CMC, battery, ink, dye, pharmacy, resin, plastics and cosmetics, etc.

Vacuum Kneader temperature adjustment can be done by using heat transfer oil circulation, electric heating, steam and water cooling. It can be made tank body jacket, wallboard jacket, stirrer passing cooling water, passing heat transfer oil and such structures for heating and cooling.


Main technical data of vacuum kneader:
Item NHZ-500 NHZ-1000 NHZ-1500 NHZ-3000
Whole volume                   (L) 600 1200 1500 3300
Working volume                 (L) 400 800 1000 2200
Power of kneading motor        (kW) 37 90 132 315
Blade type Double sigma blades
Material of blade Cast steel, surface covered SUS304
Material of shaft carbon steel, tempered & hardened
Revolution of blade (rpm) front 0-38 0-35 0-35 0-32
rear 0-26 0-24 0-24 0-22
Distance between blade and trough    (mm) ≤3 ≤3 ≤4 ≤5
Distance between blade and trough end (mm) ≤3 ≤3 ≤4 ≤5
Packing of shaft PTFE
Heating method steam≤0.8MPa or electric heating
Discharging way Tilt trough by hydraulic system
Angle of tilting trough Approx.95°
Explosion rupture disk device DN100 DN150 DN150 DN200
Lid opening Hydraulic driven
Seal of lid viton
Hydraulic pump motor power     (kW) 2.2 4 4 5.5
Ultimate vacuity                (MPa) -0.095
Compressed air flow          (m3/min) 2 3 4.5 6
Dimension  (mm) L 2800 3650 4000 5000
W 1800 2150 2300 2750
H 1800 2275 2400 2900

We can specially design any kind kneader/vacuum kneaders/CMC kneader based on your special requirements.

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