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Vacuum Pressure Impregnating Equipment for motors-VPI

I Brief description and characteristics

This kind of equipment is mainly used for insulation treatment to electrical products, such as high voltage motor, wind turbines, H-grade dry transformer, power capacitor and cable insulation materials, etc.

II Supplying range of the whole system:
2.1 Vacuum pressure impregnating tank system, one
2.2 Paint storage tank system, one
2.3 Vacuum system, one
2.4 Hydraulic system, one
2.5 Water cooling system, one
2.6 Pressurized air drying system, one
2.7 Pneumatic valve system for repainting, one
2.8 Electric control system, one
2.9 Ventilating system, one

III Main illustrations and parameters
3.1 Vacuum-pressure impregnating tank system (2500 x 2500mm) vertical

3.1.1 Main parameters

Effective dimension Φ2500 x 2200mm (H)
Ultimate pressure ﹤0.7MPa
Working pressure ﹤0.5MPa
Ultimate vacuity 50 Pa
Working vacuity 80~10000Pa
Leakage rate <0.6Pa·m3/s
Tank body material Q345R

3.1.2 Tank structure:
l Vertical type with inspection hole lamp and inspection window.
l Liquid level display
l Air inlet and safety valve.
l Temperature: Room temperature 80℃
l DN108 unloading mouth on the bottom
l Safety interlocking system, one set
l overpressure alarm and automatic decompression valve device, one set

3.2 Paint storage tank system
3.2.1 Main parameters:

Effective dimension Φ2300 x 2500mm
Volume 21m³
Ultimate pressure ﹤0.1MPa
Working pressure ﹤0.09MPa
Ultimate vacuity ﹤-0.1MPa
Working vacuity: -0.090MPa
Leakage rate <0.6Pa·m3/s
Tank body material Q235R
Working temperature 10-80 degree

3.2.2 Tank structure
l Vertical type with inspection hole lamp and inspection window.
l Liquid level display
l DN20 stainless steel ball valve on the sample outlet and inlet parts,
l Magnetism paint filter 200 mesh.

3.3 Vacuum system

Design vacuum ≤500Pa
Slide valve pump 2H-150, 11kW
Roots pump ZJ-300, 4kW
Electric contact vacuum gauge Electro connecting pressure gauge
Vacuum buffer tank Cooling circulation tank and pump
· Cooling valve ф25 pipe line

3.4 Hydraulic system: for opening and closing tank cover
It’s made by hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil tank, oil pipe, motor solenoid valve and so on.
Design pressure is 16MPa, working pressure is ≤12MPa
Hydraulic oil is prepared by buyer.

3.5 Pressure-applying system: for providing pressure to impregnating tank
3.5.1 Italian air pressure, should be prepared by buyer
l Gas displacement: 2.6 m3/min
l Discharge pressure: 0.8MPa
l Noise level: 75 dB(A)
l Motor power: 15kW
l Electric supply: 380V, 50Hz
l Cooling type: Air cooling
3.5.2 Air storage tank 0.6m³, one set
3.5.3 Gas-water separator, non-heating regeneration adsorption air dryer, control valve, pressue gage, pipe and so on
3.6 Pneumatic valve system for repainting system
3.6.1 Main parameter
l Vacuum differential pressure.
l repainting time is about 15min.
l Pipe diameter is 108mm, seamless steel tube.
l Valve is high vacuum pneumatic ball valve.

3.7 Electric control system
l Integrated electrical control cabinet,
l Schneider electrical( low-voltage electrical)
l PLC: Mitsubishi
l Touch screen: Taiwan Delta
l Intelligent display
l Resistance vacuum gauge
l Cable, cable bridge and so on.
l Interlocking of each pump valve.

3.8 Ventilating system
l Centrifugal fan, Ventilating buffer tank
l Ventilating flue

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