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CNC High Voltage Motor Coil Spreading & Forming Machine CNC High voltage Motor Coil Spreading & Forming Machine

This series machines are used for spreading & forming spindle-shaped coils from coil winding machine into exact shapes for easily inserting into stator slots of big size motors.
Main features
- Large scope of application for different terminal shape, straight section length and coil section area
- High forming precision, no need further re-ordering, applicable for both mass production and new prototype production
- Full digital control, simply inputting parameters on HMI, intuitionistic and convenient
- Servo motor control coil length, terminal height, arc angle, spreading gap, high precision.
- Hydraulic clamping and arc pushing, very simple
- Parameters can be saved and recalled for next time use
Main technical data
Item Data
Machine model ZWXT-2000 (customized)
Before spreading Coil length 800~2500mm
Straight section length 350~2000mm
Max. coil section area 30 x 70mm
Nose diameter 20mm, 30mm
After spreading 3D coil nose diameter 20mm, 30mm
3D coil nose section height 80~350mm
3D coil hypotenuse length 150~450mm
3D coil total length 700~2800
3D coil straight section length 300~1500mm
3D coil spreading width (span) 180-900mm
3D coil nose angle 0~30°
Angle between upper edge and center line 0~75°
Angle between lower edge and center line 0~75°
Spreading angle error ±0.5°
Spreading dimension error ±0.5mm
Span spreading speed 8-30 seconds to 800mm
Whole spreading cycle time 1~2 minutes
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