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Automatic High Voltage Motor Coil winding Machine- Servo mod Automatic High Voltage Motor Coil winding Machine- Servo model

I Description of the machine
This machine is used for stator bar processing, ring-taping device, fully automatic wire rod holder, high-precision transmission and other advanced technologies. It’s in common use for coils, with high production efficiency and good man-machine efficiency.
II Process
Adjust the mold size→start→run to initial state→input winding parameters→automatically feed the wire into the locking groove→fix coil riser→press start button→finish to wind→cut wire→release mould→take off coil→back to the selected initial state→press the start button to enter next coil winding cycle.
1- This machine includes winding, counting, length set and wire shearing with automatic
2- Servo system adopts integrated block system, which control rotating arm, coil size and so on.
3- The working pressure and stroke can be adjusted by the machine.
4- Easy operation, correct location, press fitting equilibrium
5- Easy inserting coil after finalized.
II Technical data
Machine code ZXTT-700
Suitable single guide wire width 2-10mm
Suitable single guide wire thickness 1-8mm
Suitable total coil length 350-2000mm
Suitable coil spindle pitch 300-1800mm
Suitable coil section cross width 2-24mm and 10-80mm
Suitable for guide wire length 50-400mm
Bobbin R10, R15,R20
Pay off rack number 4 spindles
Paralleling numbers for winding 1-4 pcs
Distance from ground to center 1300mm
Main spindle speed 5-100rpm
Max. Capacity for spindle 1400kg
Counting capacity for turns 999mm
Damping moment for rack 1--100N.m
PLC Mitsubishi
Low voltage circuit breaker and AC contactor Schneider

Buttons and indicator light SANL
Voltage AC 380V, 3phase, 50Hz.
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