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Automatic stator rotor notching press

CNC Motor Notching Winding Machine

I Description of the machine
This machine is used for producing axial direction air gap disk motors.

II Feature
1-      Winding parts is consist of high-precision gear and the dedicated servo system (Siemens, Yaskawa, or Delta systems), with intelligent control and high precision.
2-      Pressure machine is used of lower transmission press, small shaking and smooth operation.
3-      Winding mechanism use randomized compensation, in order to promise grooved uniformity, because of thickness error.
4-      HIM system- It can be set the numbers of grooves, no need change exchange gears.
5-      Winding motor use Yaskawa servo motor, stable and reliable operation, stepless speed.
6-      Failure warning and automatic diagnosis function.
7-      This machine can add automatic welding equipment.
Component part of machines: Feeding section, sliding block section, lubricating section, winding section, machine body, gas circuit and electric section.

III Main technical data
Normal force 25kN
Max. thickness of punching 0.5mm
Max. number of slide stroke 300 times/min
Slide stroke 24mm
Max. closing height 195mm
The height of lower die 80mm
Suitable number of grooves 30-140
Width of strip <80mm
ID of core >90mm
OD of core <260mm
ID of strip on pay-off stand 450-510mm
OD of strip on pay-off stand 1100mm
Working pressure of compressed air 0.6MPa
Motor power 1.5kW
Dimension (L x W x H) 6700 x 1600 x 1700mm
Video link https://youtu.be/wyozOKXho3U

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