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CNG Cylinder Hot Spinning Machine

Description of CNG cylinder hot spinning machine:
Hot spinning is a new processing method for producing high pressure air cylinders because this processing method can increase surface quality and gently curvature of cylinders.
We pursue every detail on our hot spinning machine: spinning arm is mounted on a slide rail parallel to main spindle and so its rotary motion provides the best metal forming result.

Buildup of CNG cylinder hot spinning machine line:
--Medium-frequency heating system
--Transmitting line
-- Loading & unloading system
-- Hot spinning machine
-- Heat supplementing system
-- Hydraulic system
-- Electric control system

Main features of hot spinning machine 
-- Adopts inverter control quick feeding and quick rejecting workpiece
-- Adopts Siemens 802C CNC control system, quick operation speed
-- Main spindle speed reaches 700rpm, quick mould feeding speed
-- Main spindle is driven by DC motor controlled by Siemens DC regulator
-- Length positioning of steel pipe is driven by servo motor, quick and accurate
-- Electric control cabinet is equipped with industrial AC
-- Control circuit adopts heavy-duty sockets, reliable wire arrangement, and convenient maintenance 
-- Full sealed protection shade

Different machines for different cylinder diameter ranges:
Code Wall thickness Min. Diameter Max. diameter Min. length Max. length
THG232 3~8mm 140mm 232mm 600mm 1200mm
THG325 5~15mm 200mm 325mm 750mm 2000mm
THG406 5~20mm 325mm 406mm 800mm 2000mm
THG660 10~35mm 406mm 660mm 6000mm 12500mm
THG920 10~40mm 720mm 920mm 6000mm 12500mm

Main parameters of typical CNG cylinder and hot spinning machine (THG406):
No. Item Data
1 Workpiece information  
  Max. cylinder diameter 406mm
Min. cylinder diameter 232mm
Max. cylinder length 2000mm
Min. cylinder length 800mm
Cylinder wall thickness 5~15mm
2 Hot spinning machine  
  Typical processing speed (diameter 356mm, including loading & unloading) Max. 2.5min
Spindle center height 1250mm
Main spindle driving motor power 144kW (DC)
Slide axial stroke 65mm
Slide radial stroke 17mm
Radial clamping force 1200kN
Main spindle speed 0-700rpm (adjustable)
DC driver Siemens
Mould axial stroke 450mm
Mould axial max. feeding force 246.3KN
Mould axial max. feeding speed 200mm/s
Max. wheel rotating speed 40°/s
Max. wheel torque 65KN.m
Wheel rotating angle range 0~100°
Hydraulic pump motor power 90kW
Hydraulic proportion valve ATOS from Italy
Control system Siemens 802C
3 Medium-frequency heating system  
  Frequency 1000Hz
Heating power 500kW
4 Pneumatic system Air compressor provided by Buyer
  Pneumatic pressure 0.6MPa
5 Whole line occupation about 18 x 2 x 1.6m

More photos of CNG cylinder hot spinning machine:
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