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Battery Grid Casting Machine

Description of battery grid casting machine:
Lead-acid battery grid casting machine is for melting lead alloy powder, casting into grids and cutting grids into certain length automatically.
Melting temperature, cutting length etc., can be preset in the PLC, full automatic operating and working.

Main technical data of battery grid casting machine:

Item Data
Suitable casting plate size 400mm x (100~165)mm
Suitable casting plate thickness 1.2~4.0mm
Suitable alloy for grid Lead-Antimony Antimony 1.6~4.5%
Lead-Calcium Calcium 0.08~0.14%
Production speed 6~17 pcs/min (large size)
Total power 43kW
Actual consumption power 26kW
Melting pot volume 1.5tons
Melting pot temperature range 430~550℃
Casting mould temperature range Upper mould 150~170℃
Lower mould 179~190℃
Lead-feeding pipe temperature range 450~520℃
Lead ladle temperature range 450~550℃
Machine dimension 3450 x 900 x1800 mm

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