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Ice Cream Stick Packing Machine

Description of ice cream stick packing machine:
Ice cream stick packing machine is for automatically bundling ice cream sticks, ice cream scoops, ice cream spoons, tongue depressors. And so it is also called as ice cream stick bundling machine, ice cream scoop bundling machine, tongue depressor bundling machine. 
Ice cream stick packing machine will automatically feed ice cream sticks, collect them with a certain quantity and bundle them by paper. Paper feeding, cutting, gluing and ahering are also all full automatic.

Photo of packed / bundled ice cream sticks:

Main technical data of ice cream stick packing machine:
Item Data
Suitable stick material Plastic, wood, bamboo
Suitable stick size 114#, 93# (max.)
Production speed 13~15 bundles/min (about 40000 pcs/min)
Main driving motor power 1.8kW
Electric supply 380V, 3phase, 50Hz
Machine dimension About 2300 x 600 x 1300mm
Machine weight About 700kg
Video link http://youtu.be/0iltn2ZnVLw

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