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How to maintain the bending machine to reduce its loss I. Daily maintenance:

1. Pre-shift maintenance

(1) Lubricate all parts as required;

(2) Check whether the limit and safety protection devices are intact, and whether the circuit and ground are intact;

(3) Check whether the fasteners at various parts are secure;

(4) Check whether there is any abnormality in each part of the mechanism and whether there is any foreign body in each operating part.

2. After-hour maintenance Cut off the power supply, return the parts, clean the machine, remove all scraps and debris, and clean the work site.

Second, regular maintenance:

1.Appearance maintenance

(1) Rub test machine, no yellow robe, no oil stain.

(2) Complete the missing parts.

2.Upper slider maintenance

(1) Check and adjust the parallelism of the upper slider and the table, trim the burrs of the slider and guide rail, and adjust the clearance of each part

(2) Check and adjust the direct control balance valve to prevent the upper slider from sliding down and repair or replace severely worn parts

(3) Wipe the guide rail, lead screw, and sliding surface.

3.Hydraulic lubrication maintenance

(1) Inspect and clean the oil pump, oil cylinder, piston, strainer, reversing valve, and repair burrs.

(2) Complete missing parts, clear the oil circuit, repair or replace damaged parts

(3) Check the pressure gauge and adjust the pressure.

(4) Check the quality and quantity of oil, and add new oil if necessary.

4.Electrical maintenance

(1) Clean the motor and electrical box, and replenish or replace the grease.

(2) Check the tightening zero connection device, maintenance circuit, electric control box and its control system, clean and reliable.
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