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Cold bending machine with high safety performance and requirements for use The cold bending machine has high safety performance, in order to avoid the hidden safety hazards and work accidents caused by the shearing, slitting , punching, bending and other operating procedures in the traditional process. High production efficiency, saving manpower and material resources in multiple processes, reducing intermediate operation links and management links, which can improve production efficiency by 5-6 times compared with traditional processes.

The cold bending machine has a high degree of automation, PLC computer control, simple operation, and does not need to manually calculate the hole pitch, length and other dimensions of the nine-fold profile. The profile has high precision, higher dimensional accuracy than the profile produced by manual punching and bending, and has a more uniform and beautiful appearance.

Points to pay attention to in the process of cold bending machine

1. It is necessary to strengthen the iron removal work for the mine. Non-broken objects (such as drill bits) falling into the pair of rollers will damage the crusher, resulting in a parking accident. Therefore, iron removal equipment should be installed before work.

2. Viscous materials are easy to block the broken space. Stop the machine when handling the blocking fault.

3. When the material being processed contains large pieces, pay attention to the large ore is easily squeezed out from the crushing space to prevent injury or damage to the cold bending machine

4. After running the cold bending machine for a long time, the size of the product will be too fine due to the wear of the roller surface. At this time, pay attention to adjusting the ore discharge port or repairing the cold bending machine.

5. Strengthen the inspection of the cold bending machine, refuel the lubricating parts of the cold bending machine on time, and keep the motorized grinder in a good lubrication state.

The main points of cold bending machine need to pay attention to are the following:

a. Check whether the surface of the workpiece is rough.

b. Whether the rolling pressure is selected correctly has a crucial impact on the roughness, size and accuracy of the surface after rolling.

c. The magnitude of rolling excess has a great impact on surface roughness and geometric accuracy.

d. The material is soft and has high plasticity, which is easy to be rolled.

e. Because the rolling speed has little effect on the surface roughness, we can increase the rolling speed to improve production efficiency.

f, the number of rolling should not be too much.

g. The amount of feed should be determined according to the diameter of the ball.

h. Rolling tools usually include balls, cylindrical rollers, conical rollers, rollers, etc.
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