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Unique punching technology and design requirements of cold-bending forming equipment Roll forming equipment Our common error method, cold-formed steel production after the device is turned on immediately, just like our cars hot cars the same reason, if there is no warm-up device for immediate use, cause the machine to work in cold start mode will reduce The life of the machine, it is recommended to use the machine for about 5 minutes after idling.

The place where the cold-formed forming equipment is placed should be placed in a dry and cool place. It is best not to place it directly on the ground. On the one hand, it is easy to get wet, on the other hand, it will cause loose parts caused by machine vibration. To the buffer effect. Every time the cold-formed steel is used, we need to change the belt of the pulley, and replace or add lubricating oil to parts that are subject to wear such as gears.

The electronic control console of the cold-bending molding equipment must not have liquid spilled in. Once there is water or liquid spilled in, we must stop immediately and remove the control surface and wipe it with a dry towel. Otherwise, the leakage of electricity will cause the circuit board to burn out.

Cold roll forming equipment can automatically punch holes online during operation, and can form multiple holes at one time during operation. Its machine forming effect is good and there are few burrs. After processing in the mold, it can prevent the pipe from punching. Variations in the process can effectively ensure the quality of punching. In this way, the efficiency of punching can be improved, and the cost of the enterprise can be reduced, so as to promote the competitiveness of the product in the same industry.

Cold roll forming equipment has a very unique punching design process, so that it can meet the needs of various customers to a certain extent, provide professional customized services, and create higher value with minimal investment.

The punching equipment has also been continuously improved. According to customer drawings, special processing of pipes can be completed by setting parameters, such as: porous one-time forming, continuous punching, multi-face punching, equidistant / unequal-distance, one-time processing. , Reducing the time for manual loading and unloading; no error in the cumulative processing, improving the accuracy of the product, at least 3 workers can be reduced, greatly reducing labor and management costs, and easier mold replacement.

Forming process of cold roll forming equipment

Unwinding and unwinding-leveling-servo feeding-punching-forming (including hobbing, shaping)-tracking and cutting-receiving-molding

Cold roll forming equipment can manually adjust or replace several sets of rolls to complete the production requirements of different specifications of supports.

Cold roll forming equipment is a device that continuously bends metal sheets and strips, such as coils and strips, in a multi-pass forming roll arranged in order to make a profile with a specific cross-section.
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