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Power source and use process of cold-formed equipment Cold forming equipment is often used to bend I-beam and channel U-beam in the process of use. In short, it is to bend the material into different arcs, and it can ensure that the colleagues of the curved and deformed contours ensure the strength of the material. Compared with the press, this equipment improves the work efficiency, the operation is simple and clear, and it has better working performance, so it is one of the equipments for the construction of tunnels, underground caves, bridges, etc.

Cold bending equipment is generally open profile when in use, so the free torsional stiffness of the profile is low. It is easy to twist when bending, easy to bend and torsional buckling when pressing, poor torsion resistance, cold-formed steel has a small wall thickness, and there is no thickening at the corners where the plates are connected, and it is subject to local concentrated loads. Very weak. Now our manufacturers are basically aware of these problems, continue to increase technology investment, and strive to break through technical difficulties. Compared with previous I-beam bending machines, we have made great progress.

Hydraulic automatic I-beam cold bending machine for cold bending equipment, CNC automatic I-beam cold bending machine, etc. Divided into electric and hydraulic power. The main difference between the two powers is the power source of the stretching cylinder. The electronic I-beam bending machine drives the cylinder through the motor to bend the I-beam, while the hydraulic I-beam bending machine directly passes the hydraulic cylinder cold bending machine.

The diameter and size of the upper roller in the middle of the effective turbine on both sides of the cold bending equipment. First, the height of the upper roller must be greater than the length of the section steel to be processed. The steel wing and the upper roller can fully contact and have a certain height margin. The part whose height is lower than the height of the roller can be bent on an I-beam bending machine. The diameter and stroke of the hydraulic cylinder: the larger the diameter of the hydraulic cylinder, the greater the pressure output by the hydraulic cylinder. The contour of the hydraulic cylinder determines the bending radius of the machined steel. The thickness of the sheet steel and the quality of the frame determine the load that the I-beam cold bender can bear when bending large steels, and whether it deforms when the load is too large. Motor power and reducer quality: The larger the motor power, the greater the power output, and the more types of profiles the I-beam cold bending machine can process.

The inlet and outlet of the cold bending equipment and the table surface of the arch bending machine should be kept level, and the arch bending machine should be adjusted before starting. According to the requirements of the bending radius of the processed steel arch frame, the roll elongation of the hydraulic cylinder of the H-shaped cold bending machine is adjusted. Check the rollers for damage and cracks, and check whether the back pressure device is firm and reliable. Test the idle to confirm normal operation before working.

In the process of cold bending equipment, its profile steel needs to be introduced into the arch bending machine fixing device from one end. After confirming that both ends are placed on the fixing device, the top cabinet roller can be started. During operation, it is strictly forbidden for personnel to stand at the entrance and exit of the profile steel. Except for the operator, no other personnel are allowed to touch the H-beam cold bending machine. When it is necessary to cut the profile steel, stop the arch bending machine, wait for the cutting of the profile steel and install the next profile steel before starting the arch bending machine. After the bent semi-finished product is tested by the mold, the welding process of the connecting plate is performed at the designated position. The steel arch frame is processed and placed in the designated position after passing the test. Outsiders are strictly forbidden to enter the arch processing area during the processing of steel arch frames. 
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